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At Thames RIB Experience, our enthusiasm for watercraft is undeniable. While our sleek speedboats capture attention, we’ve set out to uncover the capital’s premier vessels, revealing the top five that demand your visit. Discover the must-see boats in London as we share the lowdown on these maritime marvels.

1. The Golden Hinde, Southwark.

While Drake’s historic vessel is lost to time, this meticulously crafted replica now commands attention at St Mary Overy Dock. Ideal for aspiring buccaneers, this ship offers a perfect blend of history and adventure. Explore the legacy of seafaring excellence a unique tour of the Golden Hinde in Southwark along the River Thames. The Golden Hinde – The Golden Hinde | The Golden Hinde | Explore Sir Francis Drake’s world-famous ship

2. HMS Belfast, London Bridge

Uncover the fascinating history of London’s renowned ship, the Belfast. Often hailed as the city’s most famous vessel, this WWII ship stands as an educational beacon as part of the Imperial War Museums offering immersive nautical entertainment and engaging tours. Explore the rich maritime heritage of the Belfast and set sail on an unforgettable adventure with us. Visit HMS Belfast – Plan Your Visit | Imperial War Museums (

HMS Belfast I.W.M at night

3. Cutty Sark, Maritime Greenwich.

The Cutty Sark narrowly escaped total destruction in a devastating fire in 2007. After an extensive restoration endeavor, this iconic vessel is also ready to welcome visitors for immersive tours and events. Once the fastest Tea Clipper in the world, this is a must-visit destination for anyone in Greenwich or London for that matter. Experience the resplendent allure of the Cutty Sark and delve into its storied maritime legacy as part of Royal Museums Greenwich. Cutty Sark | Royal Museums Greenwich (

4. PS Tattershall Castle, Victoria Embankment.

A trip to London wouldn’t be right without getting steaming on a paddle-steamer! This vessel has been relocated from Grimsby to the Embankment where a pint and would not go amiss along your tour of the city! The Tattershall Castle | Pub on the Thames London

6. Tamesis Dock, Lambeth.

A converted grain-barge and somewhat smaller than the Tattershall, this pretty little boat has fantastic views of Parliament and Tate Britain. A great stop off if heading Westwards on your boat pub and barge bar crawl along the River Thames. Tamesis Dock floating pub, live music and events space London (

Riverside Break

7. The Battersea Barge, Nine Elms.

You guessed it, another watering-hole heading West along the river. Well worth a stop off if venturing to this part of town, this award winning venue lives up to the hype! Venue Weddings Parties | Performance Space | Bar Restaurant (

8. Cheyne Walk House Boat Moorings, Chelsea.

Although not an attraction to visit, the historic houseboat moorings are a spectacle in their own right. A thriving community of boaters on the Tidal Thames, a recent victory in a battle against so called ‘Mega-Barges’ has put the mooring in the headlines again. Please respect the privacy of the residents. Chelsea Reach Boatowners’ Association – Campaigning Against Evictions (

9. HQS Wellington, Temple Pier.

HQS means Headquarters Ship and given the distinguished nature of this ship, admission is strictly by ticketed entry only. This historic sloop has been pristinely maintained and is a sight to behold. A ‘sloop’ refers to a small craft originating in the old sailing navy. Don’t hesitate to secure a ticket if you happen to be around town when there’s an event on the vessel. Welcome to The Wellington Trust

10. Thames RIB Experience, Embankment Pier; Tower Pier.

If you want to find out more about these vessels for tips and tricks for your outings in London, come aboard a Thames RIB Experience voyage through the heart of town and beyond. Fearless travelers can step aboard for some incredible views and heart-stopping high speed.

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ADULT (14+): £35.50

CHILD (13 & under): £31.50

CHARTER (12 pax.): £355.00


20 minute trip

From/to Tower Millennium Pier

Adult: £35.50

Child: £31.50

Private boat: £355.00

ADULT (14+): £54.00

CHILD (13 & under): £49.00

CHARTER (12 pax.): £590.00


40 minute trip

From/to Tower Millennium Pier

Adult: £54.00

Child: £49.00

Private boat: £590.00

ADULT (14+): £54.00

CHILD (13 & under): £49.00

CHARTER (12 pax.): £590.00


45 minute trip

From/to Embankment Pier

Adult: £54.00

Child: £49.00

Private boat: £590.00

ADULT (14+): £69.00

CHILD (13 & under): £59.00

CHARTER (12 pax.): £750.00


70 minute trip

From/to Embankment Pier

Adult: £69.00

Child: £59.00

Private boat: £750.00


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