The health and safety of our passengers is our top priority. The Thames RIB Experience Re-Opening Plan was developed in coordination with expert advice and is designed to protect our passengers and employees from potential exposure to COVID19.

This document is a summary of the key program components that our Government has instructed is implemented and used. This is a live document that will be adjusted as needed based on further Government guidance as and when it unfolds.


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Please ensure you have made your booking with us in advance online or by telephone as we are not currently able to facilitate any same day walk on bookings.

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Check the weather on the day of your trip and ensure you bring along suitable warm all weather clothing if necessary. You only get wet on board if it is raining. Ponchos for adults and children will be available in need.

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If any of your party are showing any symptoms of Covid19, please do not leave home and contact our customer services team immediately.

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You will be checked in verbally at a safe distance by our shore crew. Please do not bring along a paper copy of your booking confirmation but instead have a copy on your phone (email or photo).

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Face coverings should be worn on the Pier and it is at passenger’s discretion as to whether they are worn whilst on-board the vessels.

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We ask passengers to arrive 15 minutes before departure, to allow kit-up and safety brief. If you arrive earlier you will not yet have access to the pier because of social distancing measures.

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  • Additional hand sanitiser station upon arrival for your use.
  • Lifejackets will be thoroughly disinfected between each use; time will be allowed to ensure this takes place. Crew will ensure hands are sanitised prior to undertaking this task.
  • Vessels will be fully sanitised regularly through out the day
  • Areas with regular hand contact, regularly, again at the end of the day


The designated waiting area’s on our Piers and the layout of seating on our Vessels ensure that we keep you safe, by observing the government guidelines for social distancing from the minute you arrive until you depart.

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Our piers will operate a one way system to your point of departure via our large Black & Yellow Kiosks.

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Individual ticket sales are available. We are selling our seats on an individual tickets basis or alternatively, whole boat charters can be bought too

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Our shore based staff will meet and greet you from a safe distance and direct you to your designated waiting area.

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Groups of up to 12 passengers from the same household, can hire the boat for their own private use and we are happy to discuss bespoke requests / transfers.

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Fully sanitised lifejackets will be stored at your designated waiting area and the kit up instructions and safety announcement will be given by our crew from a safe distance. The crew will also ensure they have been fitted correctly prior to allowing you to board our vessels.

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Our crew will be positioned at the helm behind a protective screen during your experience which observes the safe social distancing protocol.


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All of our employees will be carried out a Coronavirus test twice weekly.

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We will be using contactless IR thermometers to screen all employees prior to the start of their workday.

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We will supply PPE to all of our crew at the start of each day and will also have a spare supply onboard our vessels. Our crew will wear face coverings when social distancing is not possible.

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Any person displaying signs of COVID19 will have their temperature taken via a non-intrusive contactless IR thermoter and if the reading does not comply with NHS guidelines neither them nor anyone from their party will be allowed on our vessels.

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All of our employees have participated in a training course to educate them on how to keep themselves and our passengers safe.


Please Call: 020 3245 1177 or Book Online

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