Europe is the world’s top river cruising destination. London is the best place to start if you have never tried a river cruise before. The River Thames flows through London and, at 215 miles, it is the longest river in England. The Thames passes many incredible sights and offers up years of fascinating history.

The rivers of the world are fast becoming hot spots for travellers and river cruising is facing a boom in popularity like never before. A river cruise is a wonderful way to relax, watch the world drift by at a leisurely pace and explore the towns, cities and countryside of Europe and exotic locations around the globe.

Here at The Thames RIB, we offer the ultimate site seeing and river cruise experience. However, it probably differs slightly from the kind of river cruise you are picturing…

The London River Cruise You Picture

When you picture a river cruise, you probably see catalogue pictures of mature, retired couples sipping champagne on the deck of a glorious ship as it passes through mountainous terrain. Our river cruises differ because, first of all, they are located along the glorious expanse of the River Thames where we tour the top sights London has to offer from the comfort of one of our boats. We think it’s fair to say that our river cruises are faster than what you picture as well…the fastest river cruise in London in fact. But it does mean we get to show you all the major tourist locations in under an hour! But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, we offer so much more than a bespoke tour experience…

An Entertaining Thames Cruise

We offer the ultimate entertainment package. We have a fleet of high speed RIB boats, faster than any other operator on the Thames, fully loaded with sound and PA systems so that we can blast those infamous James Bond tunes while we speed around the Thames. Feel the adrenaline pumping through your body in time with the music.

What better way is there to see London’s Sights than from the most famous waterway in the world? We certainly offer an experience like no other…

Do You Want Fine Dining on a City Cruise?

Unfortunately, we do not have a kitchen on board but our staff know London well and will be happy to recommend a selection of restaurants for you to visit when we dock. Unless of course you are celebrating your hen do or stag do, in which case we will provide you with a celebratory bottle of champagne. Maybe save it for the shoreline though, as we can’t guarantee you will be able to drink much during the cruise.

Maybe Some Relaxing Spa Facilities?

London City CruisesMost cruise ships around the world offer beautiful spa facilities with massage rooms, facials, steam rooms and much more. But we offer so much more…Our spa facilities are so good that VO5 famously partnered with us to film an extreme shampooing advert on the Thames. Check out the video here if you don’t believe us. We really do offer an all-in-one natural spa treatment on the Thames, with a wash and blow dry. Skin care is also on our list of priorities as the spray from the river hits peoples’ faces as we speed along the river, cleansing their skin and letting them enjoy a refreshing experience like no other.

Do You Really Want Accommodation on a Thames River Boat Cruise?

Cruise ships tend to have cabins with en-suites and balconies but our boats simply aren’t big enough for all that. To make up for the lack of cabins, our boats are designed and built to exact requirements to ensure your comfort and safety at all times. The deep padded bench seating keeps you comfortable and safe on the journey. The seats even have storage underneath so you don’t need to depart with your valuables if you don’t want to. And the arm rails allow for the ultimate experience and an unhindered level of fun!

A Sight Seeing London Cruise With An Exhilarating Thrill

Just like the more traditional cruise operations, here at Thames RIB we offer sight-seeing tours for our customers. As we speed along the river, our guide will provide you with a wealth of knowledge about the vast amount of wonderful sights that London has to offer. Only a stone’s throw from all the major tourist areas Westminster, Covent Garden, Leicester Square, The Strand and Trafalgar Square, our tours allow you to get closer to London’s sights than ever before. So, skip the queues and crowds of people and escape to the Thames for the ultimate view!

Erm, No Gift Shop?

Who doesn’t love a good gift shop? Here at Thames RIB we offer the ultimate gift of a selection of photographs. While you are enjoying the thrill of the tour, we will have photos taken of you with famous London landmarks in the background! We are the only operator to offer this service, so snatch up your photos while you can. Why settle for anything less…

Ah, How About Safety?

To put your mind further at rest, our Thames RIB boats are certified by the Port of London Authority. All our boats house the latest safety equipment on board, including radios to ensure communication with other vessels and the London Coastguard at all times. Furthermore, a member of staff is always on hand to assist, if required, during the boarding process.


If you want to experience the ultimate Thames River Cruise, call us today. We offer the best cruise in London and you wouldn’t want to miss out on this incredible experience! It may not be the most glamorous, relaxing or allow you to wear your fanciest frock, but it will certainly get your adrenaline pumping and let you see London from a whole new perspective. Quite simply, we have the perfect Thames RIB Experience for every age, budget and occasion, so what are you waiting for?

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ADULT (14+): £32.50

CHILD (13 & under): £29.50

CHARTER (12 pax.): £344.00


20 minute trip

From/to Tower Millennium Pier

Adult: £32.50

Child: £29.50

Private boat: £344.00

ADULT (14+): £48.00

CHILD (13 & under): £37.00

CHARTER (12 pax.): £505.00


40 minute trip

From/to Tower Millennium Pier

Adult: £48.00

Child: £37.00

Private boat: £505.00

ADULT (14+): £48.00

CHILD (13 & under): £37.00

CHARTER (12 pax.): £505.00


45 minute trip

From/to Embankment Pier

Adult: £48.00

Child: £37.00

Private boat: £505.00

ADULT (14+): £61.00

CHILD (13 & under): £47.00

CHARTER (12 pax.): £655.00


70 minute trip

From/to Embankment Pier

Adult: £61.00

Child: £47.00

Private boat: £655.00


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