• She Ribs On! Ultimate is back, feel the pure power of the monster on the River Thames.
  • The legend returns, Thames Rib Experience’s first speedboat “Ultimate” is reborn as the NEW “Ultimate”
  • Ultimate reclaims her place as the real Monster of the Thames.
  • At last the legend returns, Ultimate is back.

“Ultimate”, our much loved, and the very first of our powerful speedboat RIB fleet, was recently retired into speedboat heaven. But don’t feel sad because a NEW “Ultimate” has been reborn. She’s a louder, faster, more powerful Thames Beast, driven by 740hp of Monster V8 twin turbo power. Straight out of our Thames Rib Experience Speedboat Laboratory, we have built the new “Ultimate”, the last word in speedboat sightseeing. She’ll be undergoing sea trials before roaring up the Thames, be prepared for some serious exhilarating high speed action.

Thames Rib Experience is the UK’s largest speedboat fleet using the latest Yanmar V8 Engine technology.

At the heart of each of our six speedboats are two Yanmar 370hp V8 Engines.  Each features twin turbo chargers capable of delivering instant high power, just what you need to navigate on the tidal Thames leaving all the other boats in our wake.

London’s Largest Speedboat tour company, Thames Rib Experience, launches “Ultimate” which joins the fastest, most powerful, passenger speedboat fleet on the River Thames. With 740hp twin turbo Yanmar engines, booming sound system, cushioned seating and safety rails, she will be providing action packed adventures along the Thames, for passengers of all ages from all over the world. Part sightseeing tour, part safe high speed thrills, “Ultimate” is chock-full with all the latest features to make sure that passengers can sit back and enjoy the ride of their lives. Each vessel can take 12 passengers along the river, each passenger is kitted up with full protective clothing and life jackets to fit all sizes.

About Thames Rib Experience

Thames Rib Experience is the London Speedboat company with a fleet of distinctive yellow and black high speed RIBs ( Rigid Inflatable Boats). Our  experienced qualified skippers are well accustomed to the challenges of high speed maneuvers on the tidal Thames as it forms part of their daily passenger trips they offer to the public. Thames Rib Experience also use actors and tour guides as boat crew to provide a unique commentary of the most famous sights in London as seen from the river, as well as playing a range of music, from James Bond and tunes for those special occasions.


  • “We loved Ultimate our first boat, so we decided to build a new one, the NEW Ultimate, the real monster of the Thames”
  • “We are ready for the Spring and Summer, with increasing passenger demand, we’ve expanded our range of trips, from Embankment Pier in Central London, Tower Pier at Tower Bridge and further down river to North Greenwich.”
  • We operate the biggest fleet of Yanmar driven engines in the UK.

From Spring 2016, the NEW  “Ultimate” will be on the river taking passengers on trips from Embankment, Tower and North Greenwich Piers, joining our other vessels, Eliminator, Exterminator, Exhilaration, , Adrenaline and Experience, the biggest fleet on the Thames. For more information, quotes or media, please visit: www.thamesribexperience.com

Contact Information


Name: Charlotte McGlinchey

Thames Rib Experience

Telephone: 02032451177

18 April 2016 /


ADULT (14+): £35.50

CHILD (13 & under): £31.50

CHARTER (12 pax.): £355.00


20 minute trip

From/to Tower Millennium Pier

Adult: £35.50

Child: £31.50

Private boat: £355.00

ADULT (14+): £54.00

CHILD (13 & under): £49.00

CHARTER (12 pax.): £590.00


40 minute trip

From/to Tower Millennium Pier

Adult: £54.00

Child: £49.00

Private boat: £590.00

ADULT (14+): £54.00

CHILD (13 & under): £49.00

CHARTER (12 pax.): £590.00


45 minute trip

From/to Embankment Pier

Adult: £54.00

Child: £49.00

Private boat: £590.00

ADULT (14+): £69.00

CHILD (13 & under): £59.00

CHARTER (12 pax.): £750.00


70 minute trip

From/to Embankment Pier

Adult: £69.00

Child: £59.00

Private boat: £750.00


Please Call: 020 3245 1177 or Book Online

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